Welcome to Fictitiously Hilary


Welcome to Fictitiously Hilary, a personal blog I set up in 2016 to document my reading habits. As life took over, it quickly became about so much more, particularly in regards to my own sexual and reproductive health. Take a look at the archive to see what I’m talking about. From 2017 – 2019 the blog accidentally documented my journey to an endometriosis diagnosis and after a year’s break, I’m ready to start writing about the reality of living with that diagnosis (and more!) once again.

Hilary who?

Currently I’m an Essex native based in Brussels, Belgium, though I’ve also been the former based in Swansea, Lyon and London. I have a first class bachelors degree in English Literature and French from Swansea University and last year I graduated with distinction from the LSE with an MSc in Gender and Sexuality. My Masters thesis questioned the feminist value of the cultural backlash against hormonal contraception – inspired by my own mixed feelings on the subject, often captured in the #Periodically blogs.

For a couple of years Fictitiously Hilary had my undivided attention but it is now a side-hustle as I work full-time in regional R&I for a European network. I’m also an author seeking publication – please get in touch if you can help me there or would like a manuscript of my novella. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram.