Why didn’t the gynae look at my vagina? #Periodically 6

There were a couple of requests after I ominously ended Periodically 2 with ‘a story for another day’ in reference to my visit to the gynaecologist. Well folks, today is that day! I have discussed certain aspects of those conversations in Periodically 4, but let’s get right into the nitty gritty, shall we?

Oh wait, we can’t. Because I waited over three months for a gynaecology appointment for the gynae NOT TO LOOK AT MY VAGINA. I understand that my symptoms are mostly ‘deeper’ than the vagina but come on, what if it’s something obvious? Maybe I don’t have a vagina, or maybe it’s upside down? I don’t know, the only professional that ever looked was Dr H and she said ‘we all come in different shapes and sizes’. As true and profound as that is, it’s not what you really want to hear when a doctor is looking at your vagina for the first time… and let’s remember, that was said moments before ‘I can’t seem to find your cervix’.

Tangent: I do question why in Europe and the USA gynaecology appointments are so standard for most people with female reproductive systems, and yet in the UK most people don’t see a gynaecologist until they’re pregnant. 

Want to talk about another disappointment? I had an ultrasound and then didn’t let me see! The liberty! Considering asking to stay awake for the laparoscopy next month, just so I can ask ‘WELL?’

Simply put, the gynaecologist just confirmed that all my symptoms sound like endometriosis, but that there was high chance that it could be ‘nothing’. Dr M went straight into filling out the consent form for a diagnostic laparoscopy (that he didn’t entirely explain to me, but thank you Google). The plan is that he will poke a couple of holes in me to assess the damage, if there is any he’ll fix what he can but if it’s anything more sinister I’ll be brought back round to discuss possibly treatments.

It was a very underwhelming appointment after weeks and weeks of anticipation, but all jokes aside, I’m just glad I was seen (progress!) and that it was free. Thank you NHS, you wonderful, wonderful thing. #SaveOurNHS

It was a waste of a shower though. OK, I’ll stop.

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