What’s on my Kindle for a 4 week adventure

I am very excited to be off on a graduation treat trip with one of my sisters. We’re heading to Colombia, Peru and Brazil for a big adventure and I wanted my kindle to be equally adventurous. While it proved more difficult that I expected it to, I’ve tried to get one book to read that is either written by a resident or is set in each city that we are visiting. I only managed to find four cities/books, but I will be sure to blog during or after the trip about my experience of visiting cities ‘by the book’ as well as reviews of the other books I’ll be reading while exploring.

There will still be posts being published while I’m away, mostly with Periodically blogs so be sure to follow Fictitiously Hilary on WordPress or to keep an eye on my Twitter @Hilarysaysblaah. 

City By the Book Books:

While of couple of these books have been mentioned in classes once or twice, I really know nothing about them but I like to think that reading a relevant novel while visiting a city can offer a new aspect to a cultural exchange.  

Cartagena – Of Love and Other Demons (1994) – Gabriel García Márquez – Chosen because Márquez studied in Cartagena and I’ve read rumours that the city may have inspired the setting of the novel.

Lima – The Storyteller (1987) – Mario Vargos Llosa – simply chosen for Wikipedia’s inclusion of it in the list ‘novels set in Lima’.

Manaus Journey to River Sea (2001) – Eva Ibbotson – while a children’s story, it comes highly recommended and I think it will perfectly accompany a couple of days floating down the Amazon river!

Rio – Don Casmurro (1899) – Machado de Assis – Not only was it published in Rio but de Assis lived and died there, so surely the novel will offer a different view on the city?


I have mentioned numerous times (sorry) how much I enjoy an actress’ autobiography. So for South America I’m going to be accompanied by the three autobiographies of the late, great Carrie Fisher:
Wishful Drinking (2008)
Shockaholic (2011)
The Princess Diarist (2016)

Free Kindle Books

Now if I manage to make it through all that, I have David Copperfield and Sons and Lovers on back up since they are free in the Kindle store (the rest of this list saw the end of my student loan *weep*). I also have my own novel Project 27 on my kindle, I haven’t read it in almost a year and think it might be time for a reread!


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